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Introducing Tyler Zachary

On July 28th 2016, my wife and I welcomed into the world Tyler Zachary Cirone. He decided to come a whole month early. He was born at 35 weeks and 6 days.

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Every year around this time I come across beautiful photos of sunflowers taken by friends or on one of the many photo blogs that I follow. I always get jealous of seeing that endless sea of yellow flowing ever so gracefully into white fluffy clouds. Well I finally don't have to be jealous any more.

My wife and I celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary and as a surprise I took her out to lunch in a lighthouse. Yes, we ate in a lighthouse. But on our way to Newburyport, MA I stumbled upon one of my dream locations as a photography, Colby Farm. Here I finally found my yellow sea and was able to tick off a photo on my photography bucket list. I couldn't of asked for better conditions. This is definitely a spot that I know I will be visiting yearly.

Introducing Kaitlyn Harper

On July 2nd, my wife and I welcomed our baby girl, Kaitlyn Harper, to the world! Words can't describe our love for her.

Kaitlyn was a big baby, born 9lbs 9oz. In preparation for her arrival, we got some props for her newborn shots. Some props, lets just say, she didn't fit in. Other's she barely fit in. Overall she was a great model and the cutest.

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Maternity Session - Cirone Family

As you might have seen, my wife and I are having a baby! With that comes lots of photo opportunities! One of those opportunities is a maternity session. We choose to go to Concord Massachusetts. Concord has many beautiful locations but the Minute Man National Park at North Bridge stood out to us. We have walked around this park before and knew it would be a great location to do a maternity shoot. There is a river, the beautiful North Bridge, and some great fields. We went at the "golden hour" over a span of two days. We were able to get some amazing shots with some beautiful light! All photos are taken with my Nikon D7000 and Nikon 85mm f/1.8G lens.

The photos that include me where a little tricky. Using my Ravelli tripod and having a lot of patience we were able to get some nice shots! Our dog Oscar was a great model. He does a remarkable job at looking at the camera.

Cirone Family Collage

California! Better late than never.

Golden Gate Bridge

Back in September 2011, my wife and I took a trip to California. I think overall I took about 3000 or so photos. It was right after I got my Nikon D7000 so I was eager to shoot, and shoot I did. One thing that was a bit of an issue was my Sigma 18-200 lens. I got this lens for my Nikon D40 and loved it. When I got the Nikon D7000 I thought I would transition over easily. That was not the case. The Sigma was just never that sharp, and my D7000 had the dreaded back focus issue. In the end, a lot of shots I took where with manual focus. At the end of my warranty period, I did send the camera in for service and Nikon did fix the focus issues. But that's neither here nor there. Let's get on with the story.

We started out in San Francisco. We stayed in Union Square at the Westin St. Francis. It was a great hotel in a very central location of San Francisco. Some of the things we did were

  • Ride the cable cars
  • Saw the painted ladies
  • Went to Golden Gate Park and the Japanese Tea Garden
  • Walked across the Golden Gate Bridge
  • Went to Fisherman's Wharf

Overall, San Francisco treated us well! We packed as much as we could into the short two full days we were there. My wife did a fine job of putting up with me taking a gazillion photos!

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My Koken Theme - A Modified Regale

First off, Koken gives you some great themes that are free. The theme I decided to use was Regale. After reading in their blog about the new splash screen, I immediately knew that it was the theme for me. I wanted people to come to my web site and be greeted with a nice big slideshow of my favorite photos.

First addition I made to the theme was adding in a customized logo. I designed mine at Squarespace Logo. It was great for a nice simple design that was attractive. I then added it to the theme custom settings and added some custom CSS to make sure the logo fit and was aligned correctly. Next up was the font. I installed the Koken Font Loader Plug-in which makes it easy to install Google Fonts. I searched around and found Lato. Easily plugged it into the Font Loader Plug-in and now it was on my site. In order to make all text on my site in Lato, I added this custom CSS: "body{ font-family: Lato; font-weight: 300; }".

I also added some other nice custom CSS changes. On my albums page, I have the title of the album fade in and out and appear just on the bottom part of the image. I liked this since when hovering over images, I wanted most of the image to still be shown, but still be able to show the title overlayed on the image. On an album page, I added the album title to the top of the page and also added share buttons. Speaking of share buttons, I removed the text and added in share icons. I got some great free SVG icons from Picons. I then took those and edited them with a really cool online SVG editor called Method Draw

Other then that, plus the addition of Google Analytics and Disqus comments, most of the theme is stock. I feel its a great theme to showcase my work and am very happy with it. If anyone has any questions on how to edit Koken themes, or any CSS questions feel free to ask away in the comments below. I'll try my best to help out. Also if you have a Koken site, also feel free to share in the comments below. I would love to check out other peoples sites!

Our Baby Girl

As a photographer, documenting our little girls journey into existence only seems natural. To start, was the photo above. Taken at Bentley University, we probably took about 90 photos in three different locations around campus. Yes, doesn't Oscar look amazing in his little scarf and how he is looking perfectly at the camera. Well that doesn't happen in one take. But I will give him credit, he does do a great job at looking at the camera. I think the beeping from the remote shutter helps him look in the general direction.

We got the idea for this photo by doing what most people do nowadays, looking on Pinterest. We did a quick search for "gender reveal announcement" and found some really nice photos. We really liked the way that people were doing just the feet with the new baby's shoes to be. Most of them involving dogs only had the dogs feet, but we really wanted Oscar to be the center of the photo. We walked around campus and took some photos on the stairs heading up to the library. Those came out OK, but the winner was a brick wall on one of the buildings just before the stairs. With the day being overcast and having such soft light, the color of the brick really popped. Also the lines on the ground with the brick pattern just worked perfectly.

    The setup was:
  • Ravelli APGL4 70" Tripod
  • Nikon D7000
  • Nikon 35mm f/1.8G AF-S DX Lens (one of my favorite lenses)
  • Nikon ML-L3 Wireless Remote Control

  • Not sure if you can see, but i'm hiding the ML-L3 in my pocket on each take. I love that little remote shutter. Comes in so handy. After sorting through all the photos in Lightroom this was the best. We actually did a boy version too so that the day we found out the gender, we were ready to post it online and send to our family. We got such great responses toward the photo.

    As for the rest of our baby girl's journey, check out the Pregnancy album to see a week by week journal of my wife's baby bump!

    Welcome to the new Eric Cirone Photography!

    For some time now i've been wanting to make a new site to showcase some of my favorite photos. I've toyed with the idea of powering the site by Wordpress since that is the popular thing to do these days. I've looked at Tumblr, 500px, and also just making the site from scratch. Then came along Koken. It's amazing! Straight from Lightroom I can publish all my favorite photos! The themes are customizable and Koken is getting better by the day. I feel I've finally found the perfect balance for me. I hope you enjoy the site. Please feel free to share with your friends!

    Eric Cirone